Horses - Single Pump Pouch
Horses - Single Pump Pouch

Horses - Single Pump Pouch

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Single pouches are ideal for housing pump OR phone. All are hand crafted in Australia. Single pump pouches have a single button hole in the back of the pouch so cannula hose can pass through for connection to body.

Pouches house Medtronic Minimed Veo, Medtronic 640g and Animas Vibe insulin pumps OR iPhone 4/5/6/7/8.

Each has a custom made band, so correct waist measurements are essential. Please see measurement guide for correct measurement technique.

What now?

1. Simply peruse the available designs.

2. Select desired product, single or double pump pouch.

3. Add to cart for purchase.

4. Add waist size, pump type and or phone type in the comments to seller section in cart to make sure it all fits snug as a bug in a rug.

5. Await the delivery of your beautifully hand crafted single or double pump pouch.